A brief look at Calckey

Here’s another way to participate in the Fediverse.


After a self-imposed break from social media (during a recent heavyweight fight with a respiratory bug I caught from a grandkiddo), I’ve discovered another sector of the Fediverse which may deserve your attention. It’s called Calckey.

Forked from the Misskey microblogging platform widely used in Asia, Calckey provides what some see as a more polished version of Mastodon — perhaps what Mastodon should’ve been in the first place. Given the Fediverse’s interconnected nature, you can interact with Mastodon from Calckey and vice versa. You even can import/export a variety of items — e.g., your Mastodon “follows” — between the two.

Calckey apparently is new enough that it doesn’t have a real mobile app yet, but its PWA is impressive and easily installed on your device of choice. As for me, I prefer Calckey’s desktop browser experience:

Screen capture of Calckey platform as shown in a desktop web browser

Whether you have yet to sample the Fediverse, or are already on Mastodon but curious about other Fediverse platforms, you might want to give Calckey a try.

Note from the future: I am no longer active on the Fediverse under any account.