Breaking changes for Embedded Dart Sass may affect Hugo users

Assessing the impact of a surprise announcement by the Sass team.


An innocent-looking headline appeared in my feed reader last night, but I soon saw that the blog post to which the headline pointed meant some possibly significant changes for Hugo users.

The blog post’s title — “Request for Comments: New Embedded Protocol” — certainly didn’t raise any red flags, nor did its somewhat cheery opening paragraph:

If you’re not an author of a host package for the Embedded Sass Protocol, you can skip this blog post—although if you’re a big enough nerd, you may find it interesting regardless!

Well, I definitely am a “big enough nerd,” so I went ahead and read the post. And, boy, howdy, did I ever find it interesting, at least once I was able to grasp what it was announcing. It took me at least a couple of reads (and a few clicks of various Sass repository links) to get the picture, but here’s my very Hugo-centric summary of this surprising change.

I’ll provide further updates on these subjects as events warrant.

Important note, 2023-06-08: For now, until Hugo is able to work with the new packaging, you should keep using the current/archived Embedded Dart Sass binary (v.1.62.1). The new packaging doesn’t work fully with Hugo — e.g., it doesn’t “watch” files properly for when you make edits to your .scss files.