“New Outlook” ends an old aggravation for Mac users

A cross-platform solution of sorts

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For Mac users who must use Outlook, its Electron-based version brings some long-overdue feature parity.

Gems in the rough #10

Items of possible interest for SSG users

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A (perhaps) surprising requirement for native lazy-loading, the Slinkity project, problems with Cloudflare Pages.

Taming time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs)

It’s (mostly) all in the apps

A few tips on managing multi-factor authentication—specifically, TOTPs.

A zero-JavaScript navigation menu for Tailwind CSS

Adapting an old friend for new realities

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Seeking a non-JS nav menu for use with Tailwind? So was I. Here’s the resulting code.

Beginner’s luck #5: suspended starters

Stepping away from several projects

That’s a wrap on further development of my SSG starter sets.