Beginner’s luck #4: the Vite edition

The stable of starter sets grows again

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Now I have an Eleventy/Vite starter, and here’s some of the code that makes it go.

Eleventy plus Vite = elite

Re-bundling, but without the pain of webpack

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Pairing Eleventy and Vite shows me how far bundlers have come in a short time.

Gems in the rough #7

Eleventy Meetup #1, Firefox’s woes, and other website-related arcana

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Static site generator fans, here’s another (sorta) brief set of goodies for your edification.

Better notifications in the Preside email app

Now hear and see this

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How to use MailMate with Preside for quick and audible email notifications on your iOS devices.

Beginner’s luck #3: adding a Zola starter

And then there were seven

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For those interested in a (somewhat) easy take on Hugo, here’s a starter set for you.