Privacy policy

Information regarding this site and its vendors.


This site and its owner do NOT store your personal information in any way. However, the site does use certain external services, each of which has its own privacy policies and methods of complying with applicable privacy regulations.


This site is hosted on Cloudflare Pages and is configured to use Cloudflare’s Web Analytics tool, which Cloudflare claims doesn’t track individual users and doesn’t leave cookies.

Fathom Analytics

This site uses Fathom Analytics, which does not store your personal data in any way. Please refer also to my article, “Fathom Analytics: count on it.”


This site reproduces Mastodon toots as purely static text and downloaded images with no tracking involved. Each toot is linked to its original location on the applicable Mastodon instance.


This site uses lite-youtube-embed to provide YouTube embeds that respect your privacy. For details concerning how this works, see Sia Karamalegos’s article, “Faster YouTube embeds in Eleventy,” on which this site’s related templating is based.