HardyPress: WP + SSG with a twist

Here’s a brief look at an interesting way to have your WordPress cake and eat your SSG site, too—or something like that.

September 15, 2018
Last modified April 27, 2019

While researching the static-site generator (SSG) scene for the first time in a while yesterday, I happened upon HardyPress.

It’s an interesting proposition: it takes the whole WordPress-to-SSG idea one step further. HardyPress keeps your WordPress install on a hidden location where you edit to your heart’s delight, and only then does the content get on the web—but as static files. So you get the advantage of ease-of-use in WordPress and the security of SSG.

In addition, they host it on a CDN that, as nearly as I can tell, uses Amazon to hit 30 edge servers worldwide. They even provide SSL certs so you can avoid the nasty red blot on Chrome, Firefox, and other HTTPS-savvy browsers.

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