Now I’m sixty-four

Having reached this milestone-of-sorts, I offer some different wording for a Lennon/McCartney classic that suits me today.

September 6, 2019
Last modified March 29, 2020

(With apologies to the late John Lennon and the very much still-with-us Sir Paul McCartney. Original lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.)

Long before aging,
I lost my hair
Many years ago,
So there’s no point belaboring that
Or hiding it by wearing a hat.

Quarter past three is
About when I wake.
I can’t sleep much more.
That’s just the way
My life goes these days:
Now I’m sixty-four.

I’m still a tech nerd,
Although some folks my age
Struggle to use Word.

When my employer’s
Websites need work,
Or when my own does, too,
I’m just glad that I can still code
And that I still “get” Admin mode.

Building do-while loops, editing styles:
Who could ask for more?
That’s why work needs me
And it still feeds me
Though I’m sixty-four.

Getting older is a thing you have to do
In the course of life. That’s just the deal.
But it’s not all bad.
Now a grandchild’s on the way:
A little lass or lad.

Thrilled with such good news,
I’ve reached this day,
Awaiting things to come,
Knowing that a tiny face soon will see me
And wonder just who I may be.

“Kid, I’m your grandpa,” I will explain.
“Will be, forevermore.”
And on this birthday,
Yes, sir, I do say:
Now I’m sixty-four.

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Cap Pike 2019-09-07

People that use Word that don't "get" styles and formatting in general are generally just annoying. Like people who drive that don't bother with turn signals.
...and then there's Excel...

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