Mixed nuts • February, 2020

Another sampling of my random thoughts — lucky you.


The world didn’t end when I issued the inaugural set of Mixed Nuts so, while that’s hardly a proof of the wisdom of Going There again, I figure: hey, why not? With that ringing endorsement from your humble host, here goes nothing (which may be truer than I’d like to believe).

This hoary, old boomer has studiously avoided addressing the “OK, boomer” phenomenon. He shall continue to do so.

If you’re in the market for a 2020-model SUV, I can highly endorse the Honda CR-V EX. Seems pretty much the best mix of features and value in the line.

One benefit I didn’t expect from the streaming experience: being able to find and store so many items in the YouTube TV cloud DVD has let me introduce my wife to wonderful old movies she’d never seen before. I love seeing her enjoy them on her first views as much as I long have on my many repeated viewings.

It never fails to amaze me when I view the source code of some elaborate-looking commercial website and see it was built on WordPress. Are these people totally unaware of the advantages, notably the cost savings and improved security, of static site generators?

One thing I did not expect to occur when I made this site’s repository public was that it would get GitHub stars. At this writing, the quantity is still in the single digits but, hey, man, it’s actual Github stars. We Are Not Worthy.

For those reviewers out there who believe you can’t do long-form writing in iA Writer because it requires you to rename individual chapters’ files when you want to move around scenes . . . Really?

I long in vain for a return to the days when athletes did not engage in elaborate celebrations after every frigging accomplishment during a game1. Celebrate when you win, folks — maybe (i.e., if the win doesn’t simply advance you to a .350 record).

I shudder for those of my long-ago colleagues who are still in the terrestrial radio business. Between satellite radio and the ease of adding one’s own music to a typical automobile sound system, how in the world can those folks compete, long-term?

Although I have nearly a year to go on my current subscription with 1Password, have been impressed so far while trying out the open-source but fully featured Bitwarden. If you’re trying to sort out your own passwords, I strongly urge you to give Bitwarden a try.

Seeing how so many prominent individuals, institutions, and teams have succeeded by cheating and otherwise flouting the rules, perhaps society should just eliminate all rules and cut out the ineffective middleman. We could call this the “Systematic Correction and Repeal of Egregious Works’ Interference via Total Annihilation of Limiting Legislation” (SCREWITALL).

  1. This extends even to NCAA volleyball, for God’s sake. High-fiving after every point?!? Man alive. ↩︎