Webmentions in three SSGs: Part 5

Conclusion of a five-part series about incorporating the IndieWeb into three different static site generators (SSGs).


General note: This site’s appearance, configuration, hosting, and other basic considerations will change over time. As a result, certain content on this page could be at variance with what you’re currently seeing on the site, but the two were consistent when this post originally appeared.

Note: This is the conclusion of a five-part series about how you can set up webmentions in websites built by three different static site generators: Eleventy (the subject of Part 2), Hugo (the subject of Part 3), and Gatsby (covered in detail in Part 4).

Added note, 2020-07-26: I have now archived the various configuration files linked within this series within a GitHub repo of their own and changed the links accordingly, so as to make them immune to ongoing changes in the repos originally linked from this series.

Yes, Virginia, there is an end to this series.

Especially for those of you who took my Part 1 recommendation to heart and read, or at least skimmed, through it all and in order: I apologize for the length of this series. Still, it could’ve been worse. I originally wrote it as one long post before deciding to break that up into five parts (intro, Eleventy-specific part, Hugo-specific part, Gatsby-specific part, and this wrap-up). When I realized that most people would want this information as it relates to only one of these SSGs, I knew I had to break it up into parts.

But, even so, even in parts: why so many details?

Because I’d been there.

As a result of my own struggles in finding answers, much less explicable ones, during this effort of putting webmentions into not only my Eleventy-based site repository but also my Hugo-based and Gatsby-based public repos, I considered it more valuable to get everything in, rather than be brief for brevity’s sake. (As if I ever do that, anyway, y’know.)

So, maybe, only a very small percentage of my already small complement of readers will ever see, much less use, the content. But, for those who really, really need it: there you go. I hope it helps.

Bibliography for the series

Finally, here’s that bibliography I’ve been flogging for all four parts up to now.

Everybody interested in implementing webmentions in static sites should find this useful, even if they don’t specifically use any of the three SSGs I mentioned. Every developer article in this list has a link to the person’s public repo, which I found at least as helpful as the article itself. As always, I sit on the shoulders of people who are far smarter than I, and I am immensely grateful to them.

Also, it’ll often surprise me what I pick up from how others’ code works, especially when the thing I learn isn’t even what prompted my search in the first place. Serendipity is cool.

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