Goodbye and hello • Part 3

Performance is a heckuva drug: earlier considerations aside, I move the site to Vercel for a second time.


General note: This site’s appearance, configuration, hosting, and other basic considerations will change over time. As a result, certain content on this page could be at variance with what you’re currently seeing on the site, but the two were consistent when this post originally appeared.

Perhaps by now you’ve read how I moved the site back to Netlify, its long-time home, following the initial move to Vercel. If so, you know it was largely a sentimental decision, born out of my having missed being a part, even if a small one, of the Netlify community.

Well, that’s nice and all, but . . .

. . . I undid the undoing today and returned the site to Vercel.1


  • It’s not exactly a “need for speed” thing, but I’m impressed by how considerably Vercel has amped up its Edge Network infrastructure in recent weeks. And, unlike Netlify’s free tier, Vercel’s free tier gives cheapos such as Yours Truly the full advantage of top-tier performance. I don’t know why but, hey, gift horses’ mouths and all that stuff.

  • By contrast, the performance of Netlify’s free tier seems to be dragging even more lately — particularly in the TTFB category. (Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls.) That said,I can certainly understand if Netlify chooses not to put significant resources toward the freebie level. It’s all business, of course. Fair enough.

  • There’s also the simple fact that I admire the opinions of the extremely smart guys who run Fathom Analytics, who are moving their site to Vercel later this year. Learning that (which was after I’d moved back to Netlify, in my own defense) probably was the first thing that got me to re-thinking my re-think, if you will.

So we’ll see if I stick around this time. I hope this is not going to be the site-hosting equivalent of last year’s SSG “dance.” And, if you’re one of my few but highly appreciated regular visitors, I’m sure you share that hope.

Note: To be continued (sigh).

  1. Since I was going back off Netlify DNS to Google DNS, the return was stunningly quicker than the earlier move the other way — as in, minutes rather than hours. ↩︎