A zero-JavaScript navigation menu for Tailwind CSS

Seeking a non-JS nav menu for use with Tailwind? So was I. Here’s the resulting code.


General note: This site’s appearance, configuration, hosting, and other basic considerations will change over time. As a result, certain content on this page could be at variance with what you’re currently seeing on the site, but the two were consistent when this post originally appeared.

If your static website uses Tailwind CSS and you’ve been looking for a Tailwind-based, responsive, zero-JavaScript navigation menu, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll provide its code in a bit. First, let me provide some background.

When I originally put this site on the web three years ago this month, I didn’t yet know of the importance of having a navigation menu which was:

  • CSS-only (or Sass-only) with absolutely no JavaScript, so it works with virtually any modern browser, device, or environment.
  • Responsive, serving as a “hamburger” menu for small screen widths but a regular nav bar otherwise.
  • Accessible, including keyboard-only navigability.

However, by the end of that year, this site’s menu was all of those. I built it by borrowing shamelessly from a Codepen by Kevin Powell. Over time, I learned to make it work under various styling configurations — first with Sass, then with Tailwind, then with more-or-less vanilla CSS (albeit enhanced by PostCSS). As regular readers of this site know, I’ve gone back and forth among those three ever since; and, currently, the site is back on Tailwind.

On occasion during my “Tailwind phases,” I strayed from the zero-JavaScript approach (adding just a tiny bit of functionality with JavaScript) but, for reasons I won’t cover herein, found it not to my liking. I kept wondering why I couldn’t simply adapt the pure-CSS logic from Kevin Powell’s original menu so it would work in Tailwind.

And, finally, I did. The results are the subject of this post.

Code, please

Yeah, I know: that’s enough talk. Let’s get to the code, after I provide just a little more info that will help you read and understand it:

  • This works with Tailwind CSS 2.2.x. With other versions, past or future, YMMV, although I’d guess future versions will be OK with it.
  • The HTML part is in the Nunjucks templating language which this Eleventy-based site uses. Although much of it is indistinguishable from vanilla HTML, there are places — notably the part which derives the “newest post” item in the nav menu — where you see Nunjucks.
  • I will also include the tailwind.config.js file for your reference.
  • Because I was trying to make the CSS 100% Tailwind (but finally couldn’t, as I’ll note below), the site uses the tailwindcss-logical plugin to add another three utilities to Tailwind:
    • mbs-0 = margin-block-start: 0px.
    • mbe-0 = margin-block-end: 0px.
    • pis-0 = padding-inline-start: 0px.
  • As for that failed attempt to stick with Tailwind-only CSS in the menu, here’s what happened. While Tailwind 2.2.x added sibling selector variants, those didn’t provide quite enough functionality to allow me to avoid using just a little extra CSS (239 bytes) to finish the job.
  • The menu contains the code for three SVGs, appearing in this order:
    • The “hamburger” of the mobile-device hamburger menu.
    • The “×” for closing the hamburger menu.
    • The site’s “BW” logo (obviously not applicable to your use).
  • The file location in each case is from the top level of the Eleventy project.

HTML/Nunjucks (with the Tailwind CSS)


<header class="fixed w-full mt-0 bg-black dark:bg-blue-800 z-[9999]">
	<nav class="text-white bg-black dark:bg-blue-800">
		<input type="checkbox" id="nav-Checkbox" class="hidden">
		<label for="nav-Checkbox" id="nav-Toggle" class="absolute lg:hidden cursor-pointer my-1 mx-4 right-0">
			<svg id="svg-menu" class="w-6 fill-white mt-[0.3rem]" viewBox="0 0 448 512" width="100" title="bars"><path d="M16 132h416c8.837 0 16-7.163 16-16V76c0-8.837-7.163-16-16-16H16C7.163 60 0 67.163 0 76v40c0 8.837 7.163 16 16 16zm0 160h416c8.837 0 16-7.163 16-16v-40c0-8.837-7.163-16-16-16H16c-8.837 0-16 7.163-16 16v40c0 8.837 7.163 16 16 16zm0 160h416c8.837 0 16-7.163 16-16v-40c0-8.837-7.163-16-16-16H16c-8.837 0-16 7.163-16 16v40c0 8.837 7.163 16 16 16z" /></svg>
			<svg id="svg-close" class="w-6 fill-white hidden" viewBox="0 0 384 512" width="100" title="times"><path d="M242.72 256l100.07-100.07c12.28-12.28 12.28-32.19 0-44.48l-22.24-22.24c-12.28-12.28-32.19-12.28-44.48 0L176 189.28 75.93 89.21c-12.28-12.28-32.19-12.28-44.48 0L9.21 111.45c-12.28 12.28-12.28 32.19 0 44.48L109.28 256 9.21 356.07c-12.28 12.28-12.28 32.19 0 44.48l22.24 22.24c12.28 12.28 32.2 12.28 44.48 0L176 322.72l100.07 100.07c12.28 12.28 32.2 12.28 44.48 0l22.24-22.24c12.28-12.28 12.28-32.19 0-44.48L242.72 256z" /></svg>
		<ul class="nav-Menu bg-black dark:bg-blue-800 flex flex-col lg:flex-row gap-4 lg:gap-2 text-right my-2 lg:mt-1 lg:mb-0 mr-2 lg:mr-6 ml-0 mbs-0 mbe-0 pis-0">
			<li class="block py-2 my-0 mr-auto ml-6 lg:mt-0 lg:mb-1 lg:tracking-normal lg:leading-none">
				<a href="/" class="no-underline" aria-label="Home page">
					<svg class="w-[30px] h-auto" viewBox="0 0 36 36" version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xml:space="preserve" xmlns:serif="http://www.serif.com/">
						<g><g transform="matrix(0.37749,0,0,0.377441,10.2477,-17.2198)"><circle cx="20.536" cy="93.312" r="47.683" fill="rgb(0,136,255)"/></g><g transform="matrix(0.367503,0,0,0.453546,70.1767,-45.0477)"><g transform="matrix(79.6463,0,0,79.6463,-179.186,166.619)"><path d="M0.139,-0.628L0.135,-0.453C0.163,-0.486 0.197,-0.502 0.236,-0.502C0.286,-0.502 0.326,-0.479 0.356,-0.432C0.385,-0.385 0.4,-0.323 0.4,-0.244C0.4,-0.168 0.384,-0.106 0.353,-0.059C0.322,-0.011 0.281,0.013 0.232,0.013C0.193,0.013 0.162,-0.005 0.137,-0.04L0.137,-0.025C0.137,0 0.126,0.013 0.104,0.013C0.081,0.013 0.07,0 0.07,-0.026L0.07,-0.051L0.071,-0.079L0.068,-0.561C0.067,-0.58 0.065,-0.591 0.063,-0.596C0.06,-0.601 0.055,-0.603 0.046,-0.603L0.039,-0.603C0.023,-0.603 0.015,-0.613 0.015,-0.633C0.015,-0.657 0.025,-0.669 0.045,-0.669C0.051,-0.669 0.057,-0.668 0.063,-0.666C0.078,-0.663 0.085,-0.662 0.086,-0.662C0.088,-0.662 0.095,-0.663 0.107,-0.666C0.113,-0.668 0.118,-0.669 0.123,-0.669C0.134,-0.669 0.14,-0.661 0.14,-0.646L0.14,-0.638C0.139,-0.634 0.139,-0.631 0.139,-0.628ZM0.231,-0.434C0.168,-0.434 0.136,-0.372 0.136,-0.249C0.136,-0.12 0.167,-0.056 0.228,-0.056C0.259,-0.056 0.283,-0.073 0.302,-0.108C0.321,-0.143 0.33,-0.188 0.33,-0.244C0.33,-0.302 0.321,-0.348 0.304,-0.383C0.286,-0.417 0.262,-0.434 0.231,-0.434Z" fill="#fff"/></g><g transform="matrix(79.6463,0,0,79.6463,-149.159,166.619)"><path d="M0.15,-0.37L0.207,-0.087L0.268,-0.442C0.274,-0.477 0.29,-0.495 0.317,-0.495C0.332,-0.495 0.343,-0.491 0.35,-0.484C0.357,-0.477 0.362,-0.463 0.366,-0.442L0.436,-0.087L0.484,-0.363C0.487,-0.382 0.489,-0.397 0.489,-0.407C0.489,-0.422 0.482,-0.429 0.468,-0.429L0.466,-0.429C0.463,-0.429 0.459,-0.429 0.452,-0.428C0.435,-0.428 0.426,-0.439 0.426,-0.461C0.426,-0.484 0.435,-0.495 0.454,-0.495C0.463,-0.495 0.475,-0.493 0.492,-0.49C0.509,-0.487 0.522,-0.485 0.531,-0.485C0.54,-0.485 0.553,-0.487 0.569,-0.49C0.585,-0.493 0.597,-0.495 0.605,-0.495C0.624,-0.495 0.633,-0.484 0.633,-0.462C0.633,-0.441 0.621,-0.43 0.596,-0.43C0.583,-0.43 0.574,-0.423 0.567,-0.409C0.56,-0.395 0.552,-0.368 0.544,-0.327L0.489,-0.042C0.482,-0.005 0.464,0.013 0.436,0.013C0.409,0.013 0.392,-0.008 0.383,-0.051L0.317,-0.37L0.254,-0.042C0.247,-0.005 0.23,0.013 0.204,0.013C0.179,0.013 0.163,-0.005 0.154,-0.042L0.074,-0.38C0.069,-0.399 0.066,-0.41 0.064,-0.413C0.059,-0.424 0.05,-0.43 0.039,-0.43L0.036,-0.43L0.022,-0.429C0.015,-0.428 0.009,-0.432 0.004,-0.44C-0.001,-0.447 -0.004,-0.455 -0.004,-0.462C-0.004,-0.484 0.007,-0.495 0.028,-0.495C0.032,-0.495 0.043,-0.493 0.062,-0.49C0.072,-0.487 0.084,-0.486 0.098,-0.486C0.107,-0.486 0.121,-0.488 0.139,-0.491C0.156,-0.494 0.17,-0.495 0.179,-0.495C0.198,-0.495 0.208,-0.484 0.208,-0.463C0.208,-0.44 0.198,-0.429 0.178,-0.429L0.165,-0.429C0.152,-0.429 0.145,-0.422 0.145,-0.407C0.145,-0.399 0.147,-0.387 0.15,-0.37Z" fill="#fff"/></g></g></g>
			<li class="list-none hidden font-bold lg:text-sm lg:block lg:uppercase pr-3 my-0 lg:mt-[0.85rem] lg:mx-0"><a href="/about/" class="no-underline border-0 text-white hover:text-gray-300 focus:text-gray-300 active:text-gray-300" aria-label="About me">About</a></li>
			{%- for post in collections.post | reverse -%}
				{%- if loop.index0 < 1 -%}
					<li class="list-none hidden font-bold lg:text-sm lg:block lg:uppercase pr-3 my-0 lg:mt-[0.85rem] lg:mx-0"><a href="{{ post.url }}" class="no-underline border-0 text-white hover:text-gray-300 focus:text-gray-300 active:text-gray-300">Newest post</a></li>
				{%- endif -%}
			{%- endfor -%}
			<li class="list-none hidden font-bold lg:text-sm lg:block lg:uppercase pr-3 my-0 lg:mt-[0.85rem] lg:mx-0"><a href="/posts/" class="no-underline border-0 text-white hover:text-gray-300 focus:text-gray-300 active:text-gray-300" aria-label="Posts">All posts</a></li>
			<li class="list-none hidden font-bold lg:text-sm lg:block lg:uppercase pr-3 my-0 lg:mt-[0.85rem] lg:mx-0"><a href="/privacy/" class="no-underline border-0 text-white hover:text-gray-300 focus:text-gray-300 active:text-gray-300" aria-label="Privacy policy">Privacy</a></li>
			<li class="list-none hidden font-bold lg:text-sm lg:block lg:uppercase pr-3 my-0 lg:mt-[0.85rem] lg:mx-0"><a href="/contact/" class="no-underline border-0 text-white hover:text-gray-300 focus:text-gray-300 active:text-gray-300" aria-label="Contact me">Contact</a></li>

The other CSS


#nav-Checkbox:checked ~ ul.nav-Menu li,
#nav-Checkbox:checked ~ label#nav-Toggle #svg-close {
	@apply block;
#nav-Checkbox:checked ~ label#nav-Toggle #svg-menu {
	@apply hidden;
#nav-Checkbox:checked ~ ul.nav-Menu {
	@apply pb-4;

The Tailwind config file


const colors = require('tailwindcss/colors')

module.exports = {
	mode: 'jit',
	purge: {
		content: [
	darkMode: 'media',
	theme: {
		fontWeight: {
			normal: 400,
			bold: 625, // not default of 700
			black: 900,
		fill: theme => ({
			current: 'currentColor',
			white: theme('colors.white'),
		fontSize: {
			'fn': '.65rem',
			'xs': '.75rem',
			'sm': '.875rem',
			'base': '1rem',
			'lg': '1.125rem',
			'xl': '1.25rem',
			'2xl': '1.5rem',
			'3xl': '1.875rem',
			'4xl': '2.25rem',
			'5xl': '3rem',
			'6xl': '4rem',
			'7xl': '5rem',
		listStyleType: {
			none: 'none',
			disc: 'disc',
			decimal: 'decimal',
			square: 'square',
		colors: {
			transparent: 'transparent',
			white: '#ffffff',
			black: '#000000',
			blueGray: colors.blueGray,
			gray: colors.gray,
			red: colors.red,
			orange: colors.orange,
			amber: colors.amber,
			yellow: colors.yellow,
			green: colors.green,
			teal: colors.teal,
			sky: colors.sky,
			blue: {
				'50': '#e6f9ff',
				'100': '#bbeeff',
				'200': '#00aaff',
				'300': '#0088ff',
				'400': '#0033ff',
				'500': '#0000ff',
				'600': '#0000bb',
				'700': '#0000aa',
				'800': '#000088',
				'900': '#000066',
		fontFamily: {
			'sans': ['Inter', 'ui-sans-serif', 'system-ui', '-apple-system', 'BlinkMacSystemFont', 'Roboto', 'Helvetica Neue', 'Helvetica', 'Arial', 'Noto Sans', 'Segoe UI', 'sans-serif', 'Apple Color Emoji', 'Segoe UI Emoji', 'Segoe UI Symbol', 'Noto Color Emoji'],
			'serif': ['ui-serif', 'Georgia', 'Cambria', 'Times', 'Times New Roman', 'serif'],
			'mono': ['ui-monospace', 'SFMono-Regular', 'SF Mono', 'Menlo', 'Monaco', 'Consolas', 'Liberation Mono', 'Courier New', 'monospace']
	variants: {
		logical: [
	plugins: [
	], // if we add forms, do it here

There are better ones

As I’ve often noted about my offerings on this site, you can find better menus, better use of Tailwind, and better code in general. I put this out here simply because I’ve often searched for a menu just like this and, in the end, never found one that met all my requirements. (For the record, this one doesn’t, either, but it will if I can find a way to incorporate the nav.css stuff into Tailwind.) Perhaps this will serve a purpose for you.