GHAs on CFP glitch

What I found out about my deploy-to-site GitHub Action and Cloudflare Pages.

Last modified 2022-06-28

Quickie update for you . . .

Remember that recent post about using GitHub Actions to deploy my site? And remember how I briefly quit doing that because I was encountering an annoying level of failures using this approach with Cloudflare Pages?

Well, it turns out there are some known issues with Cloudflare’s recently announced “direct-uploads” plumbing that makes GHA-to-CFP deployment possible in the first place. I learned today on the Cloudflare Developers Discord that there’s a pull request in place to fix this problem and others, and I’ll hope it gets merged into the main product soon. While waiting for that resolution, I’ve pointed the site to the backup host, Vercel, where I’ve had no problems with GHA-based deployment.

Update, a few hours later: That PR got merged, the CFP API is working normally again, and we’re back on CFP. (Whew.)

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