HugoConf: a reminder

The time is nearing for this free event, but you can still get in on the fun.


Here’s a quickie reminder, especially for my fellow Americans who may be about to check out mentally because of the upcoming long holiday weekend . . .

The first-ever HugoConf, a free online event for Hugo users (or those curious about it) under the aegis of CloudCannon, is happening the following weekend, Friday–Saturday, July 8–9 (U.S. time). It’s already got hundreds of registrants (it had nearly 250 as of several weeks ago), but there’s still time to be one of them.

Sign up at

(I’m getting not one thing in return for posting this. I just think it’d be a shame if you miss out on what apparently is going to be a pretty cool event for anyone with the slightest interest in Hugo.)

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