Ulysses 27: a correction

Haste makes waste, and it also makes for a bad summary, so here are some corrections to what I wrote yesterday about Ulysses 27.


In my hurry to publish yesterday’s “Major updates to my favorite writing apps,” I committed some errors concerning Ulysses 27. I have now fixed those, but wanted to issue this separate post for the sake of those who view my content only through their feed readers.

Today, I received the following very nice response from a Ulysses developer (name omitted, since I didn’t ask in advance about quoting this dev by name):

Thank you for your blog post reviewing the latest Ulysses update, we really appreciate it!

I just have two notes which I thought would be helpful:

  • Ulysses is not macOS-only. We’ve also released Ulysses 27 on iOS, so you can use all table features on your iPhone or iPad as well.
  • Besides our own Markdown XL format, you can also add external folders containing plain Markdown files. You can add tables to these files as well – they’ll be stored as MultiMarkdown tables.

Yikes. Can’t believe I missed the first one, since I’ve been using Ulysses on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad for four years now. I said, “macOS-only” (to distinguish from earlier references to iA Writer, which is available on more OSs), but I really meant “Apple-only” or something to that effect.

As for the second item: that, I didn’t know. But I do now.

Anyway, the original is now fixed accordingly.

Thank you, Ulysses developer, for the friendly corrections! I appreciate them and, of course, tremendously appreciate Ulysses itself — on all my Apple gear.

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