Fireship covers Astro (again)

Last week, it was Hugo; this week, it’s Astro — as perhaps the “ultimate web framework.”


A week ago, I mentioned that Jeff Delaney’s Fireship channel on YouTube had issued an “[x] in 100 Seconds” video about the Hugo static site generator. So, to be fair, I’m also noting that, yesterday1, Delaney added a “Code Report” video regarding Astro’s recent achievement of v.1.0 status.

In this latest video, Delaney posited Astro as having the potential to be the “ultimate web framework.” As he explained, this is the second Fireship video to cover Astro, but the first was quite some time back in Astro time — July, 2021 —and a lot has changed in the project since then. Here, for your comparison, are both videos. First, this is the one that dropped yesterday:

. . . and, now, take a trip back in time to Fireship’s “[x] in 100 Seconds” video about Astro, then in v.0.18.x or so2:

  1. I’d have published this post yesterday, but in the last few days I’ve been preoccupied with other stuff, coding-related and otherwise, so today was my first opportunity to come up for air (if only briefly). ↩︎

  2. It’s hard to tell, because Astro’s releases on GitHub go back no further than v.0.18.9 on August 5, 2021, three weeks after this video appeared. ↩︎