The return of giscus

The popular commenting platform is back on this site, with all its previous content intact.


For a good portion of 2022, this site used the giscus commenting platform. Last October, I decided to omit it. Now, I’ve reversed that decision, and we’re goin’ with giscus once again.

There’s been no change in any of the technical reasons I gave at that time for taking giscus off the site, but I simply decided it would be good to bring back the capability. Although I still enjoy contacts from those who take time to email about either specific posts or the site in general, I also recognize that many people — especially younger folks who consider non-work emailing almost as odd as actually talking on a smartphone — simply aren’t wired to respond that way. The Discord Generation is happier using commenting. Fair enough.

As you may know, giscus works atop GitHub Discussions, using your chosen repository to store comments. I’ve kept that repo as it was, so all the comments and threads from my 2022 use of giscus are still intact.

Because giscus still loads a lot of off-site JavaScript when visible, I am once again putting comments behind detail and summary elements, as I explained last July. It doesn’t solve the too-much-JS-for-my-taste issue, but it delays it unless and until the user truly opts to see the giscus comments section.

Update, 2023-08-06: I later learned that this works only due to a glitch in certain browsers and isn’t kosher HTML. However, with help from a number of other folks, I’ve now got a properly working solution in place.

So, if indeed a blog without comments is not a blog, I guess this site is back to being a blog. Use it in good health, everybody.

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