Welcome, sweet little early bird

The new grandchild arrives, and on her own timeline.


This’ll be short. It’s just an update on some good news I’d previously mentioned.

The old saying is that “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” True dat, as the kids were saying a few years ago.

I told you back in September that we were awaiting our first grandchild; then, in November, I noted that we’d learned she’d be a granddaughter, arriving in April.

Granddaughter? Check. But arriving in April? Well . . .

This past Saturday morning, March 7, I ran a quick errand and, planning to have a restful weekend from there, started to write what was to have been the next post here. Suddenly, I heard my wife’s distressed voice from down the hall: a text from our daughter said her “water” had “broken” and she was already at the hospital.

Ohhhhhhkay. So much for plans.

About nine hours after we received that “breaking” news (sorry), Kennedy Lane Beck arrived. She weighed five pounds, one ounce, and measured eighteen-and-a-quarter inches in length. Mom, Dad, and Kennedy are all fine — the normal sleepless experience for new parents notwithstanding — and are now home.

As I close this little update about this new little one, please allow “Pawpaw” — as I apparently will be called — to share a small smattering of photos about this momentous event in our little family. Think of it as the online equivalent of what I’d have done if this were decades ago and we met on the street, in which case I’d be whipping out a wallet containing photographs of the new arrival.

Brad and Sarah Beck (the latter is our daughter) admire their new child, Kennedy, less than an hour after her arrival

Our daughter and son-in-law, Sarah and Brad, admire their new baby, less than an hour after she arrived.

Bryce Wray holds his new granddaughter, Kennedy Beck, on the night of her birth

Your faithful correspondent holds his first grandchild for the first time, on the first night of her life. Enough “firsts” for you there?

Kennedy Beck, a newborn baby, rests in a car seat as she goes home for the first time

Despite her slightly early arrival, Kennedy checked out just fine over the next couple of days, and Mom and Dad got to take her home when she was a bit over forty-three hours old.

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