Mixed nuts • February, 2021

No brain cells were even used, much less harmed, in the production of this post.


A reader who made contact with me recently told me my writing style seems very stream-of-consciousness1 — to which I mused inwardly, “Well, if you think that about my regular stuff, wait ’til you read one of my ‘Mixed nuts’ posts.”

More to the point, friends, you are about to have that, uh, opportunity, as we commence with the seventh in the series.

Although I gave up using Tailwind CSS, I’m still happily using the Tailwind font-family selections, only now in my own SCSS. For serif type, the default is ui-serif. As of this writing, ui-serif is supported only on Safari, where it brings up the modern form of Apple’s New York font. I say “modern form” because we Mac old-timers remember the 1980s version.2

Incoming this August: grandchild #2, conferring upon grandchild #1 the high and exalted status of Big Sister and all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.3

Incoming soon to one of my arms: shot #1 of the COVID-19 vaccine. As of this writing, I’m scheduled to get it on the morning of February 17 about ten miles from home, but the weather forecast for then is pretty nasty. Still: if I can get there that morning, you can bet I will.

To repeat my update to my recent article, “Beta-testing Cloudflare Pages,” since the initial post really slammed the platform’s build speeds:

Update, 2021-02-12: Yesterday afternoon, Cloudflare pushed a change that dramatically cut the total build times. For a newer Hugo-based test site I’ve put on Cloudflare Pages, build now happens in about 45 seconds. While this is still slower than several of the competitors, the trend is definitely in the right direction.

Gaming-on-Macs, thought #1. You may want to wait until macOS supports the newest set of Xbox controllers (macOS 11.3, now in beta, adds that support), if the Xbox layout is to your liking as it is to mine.

Gaming-on-Macs, thought #2. If you choose the SteelSeries Nimbus+ controller, you must immediately update its firmware (or it will brick itself within days), and the only way to do it from a Mac is to connect it via a Lightning cable and use the Windows 10 version of the SteelSeries Engine software running in Parallels Desktop. As of this writing, the Mac version of Engine is unable to detect the Nimbus+, even though it’s been nearly a year since the controller debuted.

  1. To be fair, he followed it up with a wonderful compliment (that I didn’t deserve), but I felt the excerpt I used here was more appropriate to this series of posts. ↩︎

  2. Update, 2021-02-15: The lone exception is that, for sans-serif, I re-added the variable form of Inter as the initial font, preferring a more consistent cross-platform look. ↩︎

  3. Update, 2021-02-14: The next day after I posted this, we learned grandchild #2 will be a boy. ↩︎

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