Boy, oh, grandboy

A few words about the arrival of grandchild #2.


We found out last Christmas Day that our granddaughter, Kennedy Beck, was going to be a big sister this summer. Then, on Valentine’s Day and just before millions of Texans (including yours truly) were plunged into a power grid meltdown in the midst of a fierce winter storm, we learned the new arrival would be a boy.

At 2:55 PM this past Monday, that boy — all six pounds, 10 ounces of Dylan Everett Beck — came into the world. He went home the next afternoon and, at last report, the members of the newly expanded family all were doing very well.

Bryce Wray holds his grandson, Dylan Everett Beck, shortly after the child’s birth

I get to hold grandchild #2 about an hour after he was born.
Image: Sarah Beck (a/k/a Kennedy’s and Dylan’s mom).

Incidentally: as I recently mentioned, I’ve been paying close attention to the new Astro static site generator and running some tests with it, so I’ve filed a few issues in its GitHub repository. When it became obvious that Dylan’s birth was going to happen soon, I responded to one issue’s proposed solution to say that I “will have to wait a while before I can try it, however — my daughter is in the process of delivering our second grandchild.” To my delight, this got mentioned on the Astro Discord community, whereupon I was greeted with a slew of congratulatory comments (and accompanying emojis) that I shared with Dylan’s proud parents:

Screen capture from a Discord community chat session
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