The site this week: 2022-05-28

A “just write” commitment, the IndieWeb, some code explainers, and Cloudflare Pages glitches.


After this site went to cut-the-crap-and-just-write (CTCAJW) Mode, I suddenly wrote here more frequently — several days in a row, including twice in one day (which I’d never done before). While I truly had topics worth covering, the more likely cause of this sudden flood was the greater freedom that, as I’d hoped it would, CTCAJW Mode has allowed me.

And, yet, the proliferation of posts posed a potential problem. (P’shaw.)

Now, I worried, I’d quickly annoy people by posting to social media every time I issued a new post, as had been my practice since pretty much the earliest days of the site. Back when I’d sometimes gone weeks between posts, that hadn’t mattered; but virtually daily? Nah. Spamming “R” not us.

So, then, I decided to ask people to subscribe to my site’s RSS and JSON feeds. This request now takes the form of a pinned tweet on my Twitter profile and pinned toots on my profiles on my most frequently visited Mastodon instances.

Still, that left out people who don’t use feeds yet might find interest in some of the subjects about which I write. A Venn diagram of non-feed users and My Potential Readers will show a much larger overlap than we who do use feeds would care to consider.

What to do?

The solution I reached was this post or, more correctly, the series it begins today: “The site this week.”

Within each week’s entry, I’ll list/link the site’s posts for the previous seven days1 and then tell social media about this one. I hope that’ll be a good compromise.

So that’s the origin story for this series.

Now, let’s see what spewed forth from here in the last week.

Plug: Want to know whenever I issue a post? Follow the feed (choose RSS or JSON).

  1. Of course, that won’t usually count a week’s edition of this new series, except perhaps only next week’s edition, when we look back on this very first one as the defining edition thereof. ↩︎

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